Shanghai Zhichuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.




Shanghai Zhichuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is located at Jindong Road of Jinshan District in Shanghai. Our warehouses are in Jinshan Chemical Park and Qiandeng Chemical Park of Kunshan. Our company mainly operates all kinds of chemical products. Since establishment, our company is growing steadily and rapidly. Annual sales of liquid chemicals is about tens thousands of tons. We constantly expand operation scale and aims at becoming a comprehensive chemical enterprise integrated of selling, import and export trade of chemicals and relevant warehouse logistics business.

Our company cooperates tightly with many large petrochemical enterprises and some world top 500 companies. Main chemical products are oxalyl chloride, Benzyltributylammonium chloride and etc, which are widely used in PU, medical, pesticide, dyes intermediate, insulation varnish, resin, coating and PU leather industry. There is professional transportation fleet of liquid chemicals to provide timely and comprehensive service. In addition, we have warehouses and transferring base in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.



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